A qualified truck accident attorney in Dallas will know what to look for

If you’ve been in an accident involving a semi, your first call after 911 should be to a qualified truck accident attorney in Dallas. Semi truck accidents have a number of factors at play, so without an experienced attorney, your case will be lacking. You could easily handicap your case and miss out on compensation that is rightfully due to you.

An accident can be caused by many factors; it’s not always just the driver’s fault. So you want an attorney who will know to look at the truck itself. Obviously, the manufacturer could be to blame if they provided a faulty vehicle. However, commercial trucking companies have an obligation to maintain their vehicles, as well. That means regular inspections and replacing any parts that have been recalled, among other things. If they neglected to do this, it’s up to your attorney to figure that out and bring it to court.

Something as simple as the truck’s tires needs to be examined as well. Despite their basic design, tires can suffer from a number of defects. Even if the tires are sufficient, things like overload, lack of air and continual leakage can compromise their performance. A tire that isn’t working 100% is a shortcut to an accident.

The brakes are another important place a qualified truck accident attorney in Dallas will look. Faulty brakes are a problem and there could be a number of culprits. This includes the manufacturer, the commercial company and even the mechanics whose jobs it is to check them regularly.

This isn’t to say the drivers themselves are never to blame. The point is that an attorney who focuses solely on them can miss out on a number of important factors. So if you find yourself on the losing end of a semi accident, be sure to contact Kirkendall Dwyer LLP immediately. They can provide the truck accident attorney in Dallas who will know exactly where to look.

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