Accident in Detroit highlights importance of having the right truck accident attorney

On March 13th, I-94 in Harper Woods (a suburb outside of Detroit) had to be closed for four hours after a garbage truck reportedly collided with the back of a coupe. The trunk of the coupe was completely demolished and the car itself nearly ran into a light pole. Traffic stretched back for miles during the aftermath.

At this time, injuries haven’t been widely reported, though some sources have confirmed people were hurt. There is no word yet on which party was responsible or what led to the collision.

Unfortunately, this type of accident illustrates what can happen when a large truck is involved. Though they’re smaller than the common 18-wheelers you often see, garbage trucks are still massive vehicles carrying a lot of weight at any given time. Get them on the interstate, like in this situation, and you’re talking about a potentially fatal amount of momentum. Having the right truck accident attorney can make all the difference, no matter what side of the disaster you’re on.

Truck accidents are unique compared to ones involving two passenger vehicles. That’s why, whether you were driving the truck or not, whether it was your fault or not, you want to have a truck accident attorney representing you. Otherwise, you could be left unfairly blamed or missing out on money that is rightfully yours.

Accidents involving truck drivers are often due to circumstances directly related to their professions. Things like fatigue from long hours on the road or defective equipment because of their employer can easily be the issue that leads to an accident. This can also complicate matters on either end, legally.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with any type of truck, contact Kirkendall Dwyer LLP today. They will provide you with the truck accident attorney you need so your best interests are represented.

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