Always contact a Truck Accident Attorney after a fatal collision

A sad story came out last week from North Austin, Texas about a traffic accident that turned fatal. Rebecca E. Bishop, a 65 year old woman, was driving southbound on Burnet Road, north of FM 2222.

At the same time, unfortunately, an 18 wheeler was backing into a parking lot. The maneuver caused the truck to block the southbound lane that Ms. Bishop was traveling in.

When the collision occurred, Ms. Bishop and her Toyota Rav 4 became pinned under the truck. After paramedics arrived, they found her with no pulse. Unfortunately, they pronounced her dead at the scene.

The truck driver was unharmed and police reported that he was being cooperative, and an investigation is ongoing at this time.

This is a truly sad story and it is important for truckers to understand how important a Houston truck accident attorney is in this kind of situation. Being involved in a fatal automobile accident can carry serious consequences. Without the right representation from the beginning, you could find yourself facing those consequences, even if you’re completely innocent.

Although your trucking company may have its own attorneys, they might not be of any help if your employer believes you could be to blame. It’s best to immediately consult with a qualified Houston truck accident attorney to at least better understand the situation you’re in and what you should do.

The driver in this incident is lucky not to be injured. If he had been, it would be all the more important to reach out to a Houston truck accident attorney as soon as possible so he would not be left covering hospital fees and other costs unnecessarily.

If you’re a truck driver in Houston, and you find yourself in a scenario similar to the one above, contact Kirkendall Dwyer LLP. Their experienced professional attorneys can help you understand your rights and how to proceed.

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