Houston truck accidents show why you need representation

Truck drivers face a challenging enough job as it is. Unfortunately, part of that job means taking on the risk of an accident. And when Houston has truck accidents, they often involve the worst results imaginable. After all, trucks are the biggest vehicles on the road and generally stick to highways where they can travel at higher speeds.

One of the most recent examples of Houston truck accidents happened in nearby Beasley. A woman was headed down the wrong way on the Southwest Freeway at 3 am resulting in a head on collision with a dump truck. While the truck driver lived, the woman driving the wrong way was killed instantly.

Last month another example unfortunately occurred when a tanker overturned on the Gulf Freeway. It’s believed the driver was trying to make too tight a turn. Sadly, the tanker burst into flames on impact and the driver was killed. Four other vehicles were involved but with no injuries to report.

These are just some examples of the many Houston truck accidents that happen every year. Sometimes they are fatal; sometimes there is merely property damage. Either way, you or your loved ones should know about the importance of having a lawyer to call immediately.

Commercial truck accidents are far more complicated than those that involve cars. While both can be equally tragic, commercial truck accidents usually involve at least one third party who owns the vehicle. Did they insure it? Did they maintain it properly? The answers to these questions and others may mean that the truck driver isn’t actually responsible.

So no matter which side of the accident you’re on, be sure you’re aware that Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can provide you the representation you need if a commercial truck was involved. If you lost a loved one, it’s just as important you have the right law firm backing you.

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