How a Truck Accident Lawyer in Dallas can make all the difference

Let’s say you were on duty driving your truck when an accident occurred. If you listen to the parties involved and even the police, you may believe the accident was 100% your fault and simply hope for the best in terms of legal repercussions. This is why, even in cases like this that seem so black and white, a truck accident lawyer in Dallas can make all the difference.

When it comes to trucking accidents, things aren’t always so cut and dried as you may be led to believe. A good truck accident lawyer in Dallas will often start by investigating the incident itself.

This means visiting the scene of the accident to look for evidence that may have been missed or misinterpreted by the police. It means interviewing eye witnesses for important observations. Your attorney will then work to decide if anyone, much less you, is actually responsible for the accident.

While it’s important that you find a truck accident lawyer in Dallas who’s prepared to do this, it’s even more important that you work with one who is ready to act immediately. Evidence can be compromised, discarded, or cleaned up. Witnesses can become unsure of what they saw.

In order to secure this kind of help, you need to be able to act quickly, as well. It’s important that you become familiar with a law firm in the Dallas area that has the ability to handle all of the above.

Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is such a firm. We have principal offices in both Houston and Dallas and have seen all kinds of accidents before. Even if your company has its own representation, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be to your benefit. If your employer believes you were responsible, for example, their legal team might actually work against you.

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