Know your rights as a truck accident victim

More than 12% of automobile accident deaths involve eighteen-wheelers and as many as 500,000 accidents involve these trucks annually in the United States. Truck accidents may occur for one of many reasons, including but not limited to maintenance issues such as tire or brake failure, weight shifting of the cargo on board and driver error. Drivers may drive too fast, ignore traffic laws or be fatigued by long hours and little sleep. In most cases, the driver or trucking company is negligent.

All of these factors combine to make for very dangerous roadways. Careful and cautious drivers are affected every day by trucks with overworked drivers that may be driving improperly while carrying oversized loads or many other dangerous factors. If an at-fault truck hits you, the damage done to your smaller vehicle and the people inside can be catastrophic. Quite simply, you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you or someone you love could have their life forever altered by a crash. If you are involved in a wreck involving an eighteen-wheeler, a truck accident attorney such as Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can help.

Injuries suffered in a collision with a semi-truck may result in economic damages such as the loss of wages and the ability to earn a living in the future. There are likely to be medical expenses from hospitalization that could also continue well into the future as prolonged medication or physical therapy is needed. The victim of such a crash may also suffer from mental anguish as well as prolonged pain and suffering and even loss of consortium.

As a result, the victim in a crash has a right to seek compensation for these damages in a court of law. Contact a truck accident lawyer to learn about your rights.

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