Truck accidents in Houston can be unpredictable

It goes without saying those involved don’t plan truck accidents in Houston. But some semi drivers are so confident in their skills, it’s as if they forget that other people can be the ones who cause the accident. That accident can involve their semi and, if they don’t have the right representation, they can be the ones left getting blamed. This can mean anything from prison time to heavy fines to lawsuits. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

Take a story out of Commerce, Oklahoma as an example of what could easily go wrong due to other drivers.

Early on the morning of March 13th, the driver of a UPS Ground Freighter drove through a stop sign. Oddly enough, the driver, Michael Fisher, was driving the same route he had been for the past three years: from Muskogee to Kansas City.

So how did he miss the same stop sign he’s been seeing year after year? An oncoming car had their high beams on, according to Fisher. That was enough to distract him into missing the stop sign.

Fortunately, no one was injured. But Fisher did make impact with a ditch on the side of the highway before driving through a field until he finally came to a stop. Perhaps being early in the morning meant there weren’t a lot of commuters on Highway 69A.

But imagine how wrong this situation could have gone and you can appreciate the importance of having a lawyer’s number handy. Truck accidents in Houston often involve another driver causing the issue, but driving off before they can be blamed. In such instances, the truck driver can face some pretty steep consequences.

Unfortunately, truck accidents in Houston are just one of the risks drivers take on when they get behind the wheel of their semi, no matter how careful and cautious they are. So do yourself a favor and don’t drive anywhere without Kirkendall Dwyer LLP’s information handy. It’s a precaution worth taking.

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