Truck accidents in Houston

Large trucks are a common sight on Houston roadways. The southeast portion of the city is particularly heavy in industry and the trucking activity that accompanies it.  When eighteen-wheeled behemoths carrying literally tons of cargo are on the road, it can become a dangerous situation for all drivers.

Truck accidents in Houston are all too common. In mid-February, 2014 a truck caught fire and killed its driver in a one-vehicle accident on Interstate 45 interchange with Loop 610 South. While the cause of the wreck was not immediately known, it did occur on a sharp angled ramp. Truck drivers travel long distances in a short amount of time, and they may or may not be familiar with the roads and side streets they use on the route. Semi truck accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. The drivers may be careless or exhausted, under stress or under the influence. Sometimes, an accident is simply that: an accident.

Imagine the mid-February truck crash on a busy weekday rush hour instead of a Sunday. There could have been bumper-to-bumper on that ramp. Imagine it was not a single-vehicle wreck, but instead a truck lost control and hit your car. The damage could be unspeakable, as can be seen in the actual results. Not only are serious bodily injuries likely, death is a possibility.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, finding a lawyer you can trust, like those at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, should be a top priority. There is much to consider, such as the medical bills and loss of wages resulting from a serious injury. You need someone that can answer your questions about what rights you have as a victim and help you take the necessary steps towards pursuing compensation for damages.

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