Winter weather makes roads more dangerous for trucks

This past winter was rough for many Americans, and those in Dallas are no exception. The roadways in Dallas are dangerous enough without the addition of slick roads and ice. It seems like every day truck accidents in Dallas make it onto television and radio news traffic reports. In some cases, death and destruction are a result. When the winter weather adds to the picture, accidents are even more common. Winter storms this year led to icy road conditions that are responsible for crashes resulting in multiple deaths. More than 375 crashes were reported in the two days between February 10 and 11 alone.

Eighteen-wheeler truck drivers often travel a great distance in a short amount of time. They may be in several states over the period of just one shift, and face a wide range of weather. They may not even know severe weather is on the way in a particular area. Even if they do, some drivers are oblivious to the added dangers the will face in driving in such conditions around Dallas. Or worse, they could think they are immune to the weather and fail to make adjustments.

Due to the stress of their job, including the need to meet tight deadlines for deliveries, drivers may not properly take into account the weather conditions when travelling through. Furthermore, drivers may be exhausted from long hours behind the wheel, which can limit their ability to react when road conditions worsen.

For these reasons and more, accidents involving semi trucks are common and they can happen to anyone. If you are involved in such an accident, a law firm such as Kirkendall Dwyer LLC can help explore your options. If a negligent trucker is at fault, it is imperative to find out your rights as a victim.

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