Baytown accident shows all drivers need a truck accident attorney in Houston

Few people outside of the profession truly appreciate what a harrowing experience it can be driving a semi-truck. You have the biggest vehicle on the road, often going highway speeds, with tons of cargo coming in behind you and countless smaller vehicles all around your vehicle. It’s these factors that make it so important for you to always have the information for a truck accident attorney in Houston readily available. One recent accident shows just how important it can be.

On March 7th, a Baytown trucker was pulling out from the Chevron Chemical plant at roughly 10 pm in the 9500 block of Interstate 10. It was then that he noticed a pickup truck coming toward him from the wrong direction, in his lane. A second later and the two had collided.

Unfortunately, the accident was fatal for the pickup driver, 25-year-old Ryan Dunlop. The driver of the semi-truck, who was not identified, was only injured. Police did not release his name.

Obviously, in this scenario, the semi-truck driver was not to blame and no charges are being pressed. But it does go to show how easily accidents can find truck drivers. This man was backing out when a head on collision happened. Had the scene been unclear, the injured driver may be in desperate need of a truck accident attorney in Houston right now, despite being blameless.

This is why it’s such a good idea to plan ahead and keep the name of a qualified truck accident attorney in Houston handy. Every time you get behind the wheel of your rig, you never know what can happen. Things are more complicated for truck drivers, too, as they often don’t own the vehicle they’re driving.

So drive carefully out there, even taking excessive precautions. But remember that Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can offer you the kind of qualified help you need during terrible accidents like these.

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