Commercial drivers get a bad rap but a Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer can help

Thanks to stories like the one that ABC News reported on last November about a truck driver who slammed into parked emergency vehicles while he was looking at Facebook pictures on his phone instead of looking at the road, commercial truck drivers have a bad reputation. People think that truck drivers are up all day and all night driving, and that these men and women don’t rest enough and are on too much caffeine and uppers to function. Unfortunately, the more outrageous stories like this get the most press, and they make it more difficult for good, responsible truck drivers to get a fair hearing in the case of an accident.

If you’re a commercial driver in Texas, you need to keep a Dallas truck accident lawyer’s number with you at all times. These lawyers, like the ones at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, are well versed in the law and know your rights better than you do. You don’t have to be judged guilty in the court of public opinion, especially if the accident wasn’t your fault in the first place.

A Dallas truck accident lawyer will represent you and make sure that none of your rights are impinged upon. Unlike that one irresponsible commercial driver who was looking at pictures on his phone when he should’ve been paying attention to the road, most truck drivers take their jobs very seriously, and the lawyers at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP know that you do, too.

You may not have been in an accident yet, and you may never be in one. We all hope for a perfect driving record, after all, but you never know when you might need to get in touch with a Dallas truck accident lawyer. Keep the number for one on you whenever you’re on the road, and keep your eyes peeled for bad drivers, too. The latter should keep you out of most accidents, and the former will help you out if looking out just wasn’t good enough.

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