Driving in Dallas can turn deadly

Last July, what started as a normal morning commute turned deadly for one Fort Worth driver. Around 7:30 am on Interstate 35 West the traffic seemed to be moving smoothly, with only minor slow-and-goes, until a 25-year old driver lost control of his Pontiac and slammed into a wall. Before anything could be done, a semi truck hit the car. When police arrived, the driver was dead.

Upon its first reporting, there was no indication as to the actual cause of the accident, or whether it was avoidable for the driver of the truck. However, we do know that many catastrophic injuries, and even deaths in Dallas and beyond are caused by eighteen-wheelers. Many of them are due to negligence by the driver themselves or the trucking company.

Truck drivers face many unique challenges in their profession that many of us do not. Because they must travel great distances, often through several states and unfamiliar areas, the hours are very demanding. Yet, there are deadlines to meet to deliver the goods and cargo, which can mean driving faster than the speed limit, or breaking other traffic laws. Even though there are policies in place for transporting cargo, such as weight limits and drivers hours, these are often circumvented by forging travel logs. Plus, let’s not forget that large trucks are difficult to handle under even the best conditions. All of these factors (and more) combine to make for a dangerous, and sometimes deadly, driving situation.

If you or someone you know needs a truck accident lawyer in Dallas, such as Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, do not hesitate. Know your rights when it comes to the injuries, damages and even deaths that may be associated with a truck accident, and find out what steps you must take to become whole again.

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