Three dead in semi-truck accident on US 183

The police have been investigating a recent accident that left three people deceased on US 183 at FM 1185. Authorities have released a statement that says that a FedEx truck driver did not yield when required and he slammed into a sport utility vehicle, causing it to roll several times.

The SUV driver and two passengers were killed in the crash. One passenger, a two-year-old girl, was taken to the hospital in serious condition. None of the occupants in the SUV was wearing seat belts. The driver of the FedEx truck was taken to a local hospital, with injuries that were not life threatening.

If you are hit by a large truck, check everyone in your vehicle for injuries and call 911. Gather information from the other people, if the scene is safe, and take photographs of the vehicles involved. Truck accidents in Houston are often more serious than car accidents, and the trucking company will have an insurance company involved. This means you need an attorney on your side.

If you are contacted by insurance adjusters for the trucking company, do not speak to them. They will try to get information from you to net you less compensation. Simply tell them that you are hiring Kirkendall Dwyer LLP. Even if the adjuster seems friendly, any information gathered will be used against you.

Your insurance company will also be involved in truck accidents in Houston that affect you. Report the accident to them. Do not tell them the way you feel, whether you were at fault, or give them any additional information other than what is in the police report. If your insurance agent asks you uncomfortable questions, contact your attorneys immediately. Be sure that you don’t sign anything, without speaking to your Houston-based attorneys.

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