A life changing crash

Your life can change in a split second. Every day in Houston, we hear about accidents on the roadways. Reports from local news helicopters will tell you which streets to avoid to bypass wrecks, and many of us only think about the possibility of losing time in a traffic jam and the frustration that comes with it. However, many times, the result of a crash can be devastating – especially when it involves an 18-wheeler.

Large semi trucks can tear through smaller cars on the roadways when the two collide. The aftermath may include life-debilitating injuries to the brain, spinal cord or vital organs and even death. If this has affected you or your loved ones, a truck accident lawyer in Houston can offer assistance. In the case of negligence on behalf of the trucker or the company they work for, you may be entitled to compensation for damages. Major traffic accidents often leave behind a mountain of medical bills for initial hospitalization that can extend well into the future with the need for ongoing treatment or for a disability. A debilitating injury as the result of an accident can leave a victim unable to work in the future, and it may be necessary to seek coverage for lost wages. Protect your rights and explore your options with the help of a trusted lawyer like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP.

There may be many reasons for an accident involving an 18-wheeler. Drivers are often overextended by the demands of their profession. A trucker could have been speeding in order to meet a tight deadline or be exhausted from driving through multiple states over many long hours. In some cases, it may be as simple as a minor traffic law they violated that resulted in the devastation of someone else’s life. If that has happened to you or someone you know, contact an attorney you can trust.

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