Houston truck accidents demand qualified representation

A story out of Phoenix highlights the kinds of risks truck drivers take on every time they get behind the wheels of their semis. While it’s important to mitigate these risks as much as possible, it’s also essential that drivers have the right representation when Houston truck accidents happen.

The accident occurred on Phoenix’s Interstate 17 and resulted in the death of one motorcyclist, a 27 year old man from Sun City named Steven Daniels.

Daniels was apparently trailing a flatbed truck that was hauling barrels of gasoline. At some point, the truck lost part of its load. In an attempt to dodge the loose barrels, Daniels switched lanes. Unfortunately, that lane was being occupied by an SUV that was also reacting to the barrels, but by slowing down.

As a result, Daniels ran into the SUV before being struck by a semi tractor-trailer that was being driven by Charles Ashe of Chino Valley. The impact killed Daniels.

Unfortunately, Ashe lost control of his semi tractor-trailer, crashing it before it burst into flames. Two women who were inside the SUV suffered minor injuries. Ashe escaped unhurt.

Though an investigation is pending, DPS Officer Carrick Cook has said they will be looking into negligent homicide on the part of the driver of the flatbed for failing to secure his load.

Obviously, this is a tragic story, just like many Houston truck accidents are. But the truck driver involved has his rights, and he should speak to an attorney immediately. This incident highlights how just because something is an accident doesn’t mean it can’t have dire consequences for everyone involved. In this case, one man lost his life, two women were injured, and one person is being charged with homicide.

Fortunately, most Houston truck accidents aren’t this serious, but that’s no reason not to reach out to an attorney when they occur. The professionals at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP are an excellent choice that can help you understand your case and how to proceed.

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