Recent accident proves you need a Dallas truck accident lawyer

Although it happened in Illinois, a recent accident involving a semi is a good lesson in why every driver should have a Dallas truck accident lawyer they can rely on in the worst case scenario.

The accident happened on the morning of March 11th, but originally was just reported as involving a semi and shutting down US 45 by the Saline/Gallatin County line north of Washington Road. Traffic was rerouted and detoured for hours.

Later, police confirmed a semi headed northbound on the highway lost one of its rear tandem tires on the driver’s side. That tire hit another semi headed southbound, causing the vehicle to catch fire before veering off the road and running into a tree. While the driver of the semi that lost the wheel is said to have walked away from the accident, the other driver, William H. Rigsby, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thomas Woodsworth, who was driving the semi northbound when a wheel came loose, has been cited for his role in the accident. Police found that he was operating his vehicle with a cancelled CDL. He was cited for that as well as for not securing a new CDL and for driving a truck with loose lug nuts.

At the moment, that’s all that has been released to the public. If you’re a semi driver in Texas, however, hopefully this tragic story helps you understand the importance of having the information of a Dallas truck accident lawyer at the ready. While driving with an expired CDL was a clear offense, who knows the story behind the lug nuts at this time?

Having the right Dallas truck accident lawyer at your side can make all the difference in a situation like this. So many factors go into an accident, especially a strange one like this, that you simply can’t entrust your fate to a firm without experience. That’s why so many contact Kirkendall Dwyer LLP.

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