Semi and car crash causing severe injury

A recent crash north of Dallas between an 18-wheeler and a car caused serious injury to the driver of the car, and closed the highway for a short time. There were work crews at the scene, to clean up the fuel. The driver of the car has been listed in fair condition at a local hospital. She was traveling north and the Freightliner crashed into the side of her car.

Car accidents are scary, but car-semi accidents are terrifying, especially if you are the driver of the car. Semis are so much heavier than passenger vehicles, and crashes that involve them usually result in more serious injuries, or even death, for the car driver.

At the scene, check your injuries and those of your passengers. Call 911 and then call your Dallas truck accident lawyer, so that you know they will have your back. If the scene is safe, gather information from the other people involved in the accident.

The severe injuries that often result from car-semi crashes mean that more compensation should be given to drivers of passenger vehicles. They will have more medical bills and property damage than someone in a car-car accident. The law provides you with a right to recover your damages from the trucker or the trucking company, and Kirkendall Dwyer LLP will ensure that you get everything you deserve following an accident.

The damages to car drivers in car-semi accidents include lost wages, medical expenses, physical therapy and property damages. You are also entitled to monies for your pain and suffering after an accident of this type. Your Dallas truck accident lawyer understands that no amount of money can give you back your prior health or a lost loved one, but at least they can give you a start at rebuilding your life.

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