Semi-truck and car involved in wreck on FM 1960

At least two drivers had to be Life Flighted to the nearest hospital after an accident with an 18-wheeler in Atascocita. Emergency personnel found a semi-truck which had overturned after striking a passenger car. The driver of the sedan had to be extricated before he could be sent to the hospital.

Insurance and trucking companies have many resources with which to fight your claim, even if it has been proven that their driver was at fault. There are many factors that contribute to big rig-car crashes, including negligent loading, defective equipment, brake malfunction and driver fatigue. Houston truck accidents can leave you with serious injuries, and you can quickly run out of savings to pay for medical attention, unless you have a Houston area attorney to get proper compensation for you.

The many factors involved in Houston truck accidents make it difficult to get proper compensation for your injuries and property damage. Without a local attorney like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, it will be quite difficult to get the treatments you need. Their attorneys are well versed on the regulations involved in the trucking industry, and regularly use them in litigation.

You may be tempted to settle your case quickly with the attorneys for the trucking company. This may be faster, but it’s not a smart move. The settlement that they offer you will probably bear little resemblance to what you can actually receive from them if you have your own attorney.

Quick cash settlement offers are a trucking company’s attempt at giving you the least they can. After Houston truck accidents, their offer may not even cover your medical bills, let alone your pain and suffering or your property damage. You can afford to retain a lawyer if it means that the money you receive will pay for your medical treatments and other setbacks after your Houston truck accident.

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