The main causes of truck accidents in Dallas

There’s no substitute for good driving, especially when you take the wheel of a semi-truck. You’re driving the biggest vehicle on the street, often with tons of weight and at easily 60 to 70 miles an hour. Yet truck accidents in Dallas still happen. So here are some of the main reasons they do. Take a moment to see if they’re things that may put you at risk.

Override accidents usually happen when a car gets in front of you so close that they’re in a blind spot. If they slam on their breaks, the result can be your truck literally running their car over. Obviously, injuries can be severe. It’s important your mind remains sharp so you can see this situation developing before it’s too late. If it does, back off enough that you can maintain an eye on the vehicle.

We all know the stress caused by being late for something. It’s definitely a lot greater for drivers who are running behind schedule. But it’s never worth speeding when you’re responsible for as massive a vehicle as a semi. Throw in road hazards, poor driving conditions, new routes or other accidents and all of a sudden you could really hurt yourself and others.

Another symptom of being behind schedule is driver fatigue. Often drivers will try to make up time by putting more hours behind the wheel than they’re physically capable of or legally allowed. This is a recipe for disaster that, at the very least, can cost you your license. At worst, it can make you a prime candidate for causing one of the many truck accidents in Dallas every year.

While there are many other factors that cause truck accidents in Dallas, above are some of the main ones you have full control over. Of course, whether it’s your fault or not, if you’re ever in an accident, you need to make calling a qualified attorney a priority. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP is the perfect choice thanks to their professionalism, experience and service.

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