Two dead after truck jumps median on LBJ

Two are dead following a Tuesday morning accident caused by a dump truck jumping a median on the LBJ Freeway and pinning two vehicles underneath it. Traffic was snarled for hours after the fatal wreck.

The driver of one of the crushed cars miraculously escaped serious injury when the truck landed on his car. Sadly, two people in another vehicle were not so lucky. A Hazmat team cleaned up a substantial diesel fuel spill before traffic could once again use the lanes.

18-wheelers and large work trucks are much heavier than passenger vehicles, and much more powerful. If you are involved in a wreck with a large truck, call 911 and then check everyone in your vehicle for injuries. Then call your truck accident lawyer in Dallas, so that your medical bills and property damage can be compensated.

Trucking companies have powerful insurance companies working for them. They will try to make it seem as though you were at fault, even if it is clear that you were not. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP will begin working on your case, to refute the findings of the trucking company.

Be sure that you don’t speak to anyone except police at the scene of the accident, except to exchange contact information. Do not lie, but do not admit guilt. Truckers’ insurance companies defend their clients aggressively, and your truck accident lawyer in Dallas will be equally assertive in presenting your case for compensation.

Insurance agencies working for trucking companies want to capture as much information as they can, but they are specifically looking for information that will protect the trucking companies.

Even while you and your passengers seek medical attention, the trucking company insurance companies only want to protect their clients. Your truck accident lawyer in Dallas will work to defend your side and to gain compensation for you.

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