Two killed in 18-wheeler accident on I-37

Two people recently died in a car – semi-truck accident on I-37 in Live Oak County. The driver and passenger of the car were parked on the shoulder with car trouble. The 18-wheeler rear-ended their vehicle.

The car driver was killed by the impact, and the passenger could not be revived on the scene, and passed away a short while later. The truck driver was taken to a local hospital with back injuries.

18-wheeler accidents are among the most dangerous. Semi trucks are so large and powerful that they cause maximum damage. Accidents between passenger vehicles and 18-wheelers often leave the car occupants with serious injuries and, sadly, many of them die.

At the scene, if you are able, call 911 and then check on the other people in your vehicle. Gather information from others involved if you are not seriously hurt. Be aware that you may not feel your injuries right away, though. Call your truck accident attorney in Dallas so that they can begin preparing your claim for your medical treatment, if needed, and your property damages.

18-wheeler accidents are often caused by driver fatigue or equipment failure. They work long and drawn out shifts, and even though the law requires them to take breaks, they sometimes drive straight through. This makes them more dangerous to you and other drivers. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP will work on your behalf for your maximum compensation.

Trucking companies also push their drivers and may not maintain their vehicles or inspect them as often as they should. This is why there are malfunctions. Some drivers may not receive enough schooling before they are allowed to drive on their own. Your truck accident attorney in Dallas understands these reasons for 18-wheeler accidents, and they will help you to at least monetarily begin to recover from the accident.

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