Details emerge in fatal Houston truck accident

The driver of an eighteen-wheeler crashed and died in Houston Sunday February 16, 2014. It was at least the sixth traffic death in Houston since the beginning of the month.

The accident occurred on the northbound Gulf Freeway ramp of the 610 South Loop Freeway at Interstate 45 around 7:30 in the morning. According to the Houston Fire Department, the driver was traveling too fast approaching the exit. The vehicle erupted into flames after the crash and caused the freeway to remain at least partially closed for several hours.

This is just one example of the danger semi-trucks pose. Had this occurred during the workweek at the start of rush hour traffic, the destruction could have been even worse. Due to the size of these massive trucks, smaller vehicles are extremely vulnerable in the case of a collision, and drivers and passengers risk severe injuries and death.

Houston truck accident attorneys, such as Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, are available in the event of a crash involving an eighteen-wheeler. In the event of negligence by a truck driver, you have a right to pursue compensation for the injuries incurred as the result of a wreck, which may result in lost wages, ongoing medical expenses, pain and suffering or even permanent disability and wrongful death.

The busy roadways in and around Houston can be a very hazardous place on their own. When massive tractor-trailers are added into the mix, it can become deadly for anyone. Truck drivers work long shifts and can be tired or trying to meet unreasonable deadlines. Bad weather can strike quickly and make roads slippery. Even the most cautious of drivers can be affected by outside forces that result in a catastrophe. When disaster strikes, a truck accident attorney can help.

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