Recent story illustrates why you need a Houston semi-truck accident lawyer

If you’re a semi-truck driver, you simply can’t afford to get behind the wheel without knowing there’s representation out there willing to defend you should something go wrong. Drivers take too many liabilities with them on the road every day to not know they have the support of a Houston semi-truck accident lawyer if they need it. A story out of Nevada brings this into perspective.

On March 12, a semi-truck was driving through Minden, Nevada when it got into an accident mid-afternoon. While no one was killed, it was reported that the accident resulted in 26 of the 66 head of cattle the driver was transporting dying on the spot. The rest had to be transported to a nearby ranch for temporary safekeeping.

The wreck involved the semi-truck striking a Subaru at an intersection on the highway. Allegedly, this was due to the truck driver failing to stop. Though there were no fatalities, the semi-truck driver did need to be airlifted to Regional Medical Center in Reno.

Furthermore, the semi-truck managed to take out 100 feet of fencing as well as a power line. This latter issue resulted in over 2,300 in the area without power.

As you can imagine, that truck driver is going to need legal representation. While no one was hurt, nearly two dozen cattle will never turn a profit, fencing will need to be repaired and the electric company is probably going to have a plan for their recuperation.

Were this Texas, a Houston semi-truck accident lawyer would be the first call the driver should make. As it’s a commercial vehicle, the fault may not necessarily be his.

While incidents like this are thankfully rare, they do a good job of illustrating how one accident can turn into a domino effect that leaves semi-truck drivers with more than they can handle. So be sure you have a Houston semi-truck accident lawyer like the kind you can find at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP ready to go to bat for you.

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